Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our weeks have been jam packed! Besides typical school/work/gymnastics/playdate etc. my brother was in town last week visiting so we spent a little time with him. Last Friday Ellison had Giggle Girls and it was themed with a Pajama Party! She loved it and had so much fun. Plus it gave me 2.5 hours to run errands with just one child instead of two.
Ellison at gymnastics with her dear friend Marin!

 Getting ready for Giggle Girls in her pajamas!
 She insisted on doing a silly pose :)

However last Friday night Ellison came down with a horrible stomach bug. She threw up 8 times with several hours. It was awful and made for a VERY long night. I seriously think I did about 10 loads of laundry between bedding, stuff animals, burpies, towels, wash clothes, etc. Luckily she was totally fine starting early Saturday morning. 

So one of Connor's friends from high school came over ALL day Saturday and ALL day Sunday to help Connor work on our master bath renovation. All I can say is these two make a fabulous team because they pretty much knocked out all of the tiling. All that is left of our huge redo is to grout and hang the shower door. It looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! A total turn around to what it was before. I will post pictures once we have a final product. So with all of that being said I had the kiddos to keep entertained pretty much the whole entire weekend. Of course I love and adore my babies but as many of you know it is a exhausting job! I actually had a helping hand, Chris's wife (Chris is the friend that helped Connor) hung out with me and the kiddos while the boys worked. Ellison LOVED hanging out with her. Tracy was a trooper to stick with us for about 15+ hours. W are blessed to have crossed paths with Chris and Tracy! 
We had school yesterday, gymnastics last night then I got hit with the stomach bug. I had a rough night but feel better this morning. I will be hanging at home while the kids are at school. I have to admit it will be nice to catch a little "me time." 
We have a really busy weekend coming up and next week is even crazier (I think we have something going on every day and night starting Saturday til the next Friday)...

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