Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Road Trip!

The day following the service in mom, dad, Uncle, Mark, Jeff, Claude, myself and Ellison loaded up and headed to Blacksburg, VA. Elic and Connor stayed be honest we all agreed that an 8+ hour road trip was not in the best interest of a 15 month old. As much as I missed my boys I truly enjoyed having some time with Ellison. Even though the circumstances for going on this trip were not for fun purposes we still had some times that were enjoyable and memorable.

The other thing I want to say is my daughter is AMAZING! During the long drive there and back, meeting lots of people she didn't know, sitting through the visitation/service/reception, getting in and out of the car, waiting in the car, having NO NAPS, going to bed past 8pm EVERY night...Ellison not once fussed, threw a fit or had to be punished because of bad behavior. She was an ANGEL the whole trip...I am so blessed!

 The only thing I can say about this picture is what would we do without Uncle GoGo!
 Starting to get silly while waiting in the car...
 Uncle and niece
 Our little room service girl...
 Jumping on the bed!
 Never a dull moment when Jeff is around...
 At Virginia Tech!
 Me and my sweet girl
 Ellison and her Claude
 We love Googie!
 While in Virginia we celebrated my Uncle's (Googie) birthday!
So thankful we were all together to celebrate...
 Having a little partay in the hotel room...
 These two are inseparable when together :)
 Ellison with her GJ and Poppy
 I mean could they be any cuter? Ellison loves Claude and we are so thankful to have him apart of our family!
 Mommy, Ellison and GJ!
 Ellison and her GREAT Uncles! They are the best!
 Ellison trying out her first Shirley Temple
 It was a hit!
Brother/Sister love...

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Anonymous said...

Your recapturing of that bittersweet week through the last few posts is's helped me feel connected to everyone since I've been back in SFO.
Love you!