Sunday, February 19, 2012

So behind...Valentine's Day

I think what I am going to do is just post pictures from Valentine's Day (because besides that I really have not taken many photos). I am going to try my best to be better at blogging...

 These two are quite the pair lately...Elic is starting to finally WALK! He is the cutest thing ever when he does it and is SO proud of himself. It only took 15 1/2 months (unlike his sissy who was doing it at 11 months :) Soon he will be out running her I just know it. These 2 loves makes me smile every day. They are playing more together, picking on each other more, loving on each other and the sweetest thing are their giggles of joy when being together!
 Ellison's Valentines for her class party...she stuffed the bags with goodies and I did the butterfly part, it was a team effort!
 Ellison and her sweet friend Lucy!
 Audrey, Ellison and Lucy at school
 Lucy, Ellison and Hattie enjoying some Valentine goodies!
 The two sweetest Valentine's a mommy could ask for!
 My girl :)
 My wild man!
 Ellison and her buddy Molly at school...
 This year we celebrated Valentine's Day early by attending a Valentine party some friends of ours had. We clean up quite nice!
 Daddy gave Ellison a rose for Valentine's Day
 Ellison with mommy and her goodies...a rose, pink skirt and Pinkalicious!
One Happy and Messy Bubby on Valentine's Day!

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