Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring soccer has begun!

Watch out because we have a soccer star in our household! Ellison absolutely LOVES to play soccer. I mean LOVES it! We started our Spring season a few weeks ago with practices. Then this past weekend we had our first game and she totally rocked it! I mean yes I am bragging on my daughter but seriously we had several people come up to Connor and I at the end of the game asking if she belonged to us then said what an awesome job she did! Lets remember she is only 4 and has only played soccer a total of 3 months before during the Fall season. She scored 5 of the 6 goals at the game, she got right in the huddle and would get the ball back, turn it around, run like the wind in the RIGHT direction...she totally amazed me, us! I can definitely say we will be having soccer as apart of our agenda for quite some time and I couldn't be happier!

 Headed for the goal!
 GJ came to a makeup game because Connor couldn't make it...thank goodness for the extra set of hands to help with Elic! All he wants to do is be on the field with his big sister :)
I mean how cute is she?!

Friday, March 30, 2012

A visit with Granddaddy and Jen Mama!

You probably think we celebrate my daughter's birthday for a whole month! So last weekend we headed down to Columbia to celebrate Ellison's birthday with granddaddy and Jen :) Ms. Jen made a fabulous dinner and cake. Ellison's cousin Lee was there and Mama Doris. As well as Aunt Heather, Aunt Carly, Uncle Ben and Uncle Bo! It was such a nice evening with great food, wonderful company, a fun celebration and lots of play time for the kiddos. It was a gorgeous evening so we captured some pretty sweet photos outside...

 Happy Birthday Ellison...with a candle to grow on :)
 Making another wish ;)
 Father and son
 I think this is a great picture of Elic with his Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather
 Ellison and Cousin Lee having lots of fun!
 A happy bubs
 Sweet cousins
 Ellison with Mama Doris!
 Chilling outside
 I could kiss this little love all day long!
 A happy girl...

A great photo of Ellison and Elic with their granddaddy and Jen Mama!

Thank you guys for such a fun visit and celebration! XOXO

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wonderful weekends...

Two weekends ago (I know I am super behind but trying to catch up!) we enjoyed lots of play time around the house and we had a very fun dinner with friends at The Gore House! We always love getting together with dear friends and enjoying just time catching up and the kids always are well entertained and exhausted by the end of the night :)

 Enjoying the outdoors even though it was wet!
 Here is a Mr. Connor sandwich made by Ellison, Hattie, Ella and of course Connor :) These kids seriously play and play and play. They don't stop til a parent makes someone settle down. We love The Gores...never a dull moment!
 Kiddos taking a rest from playing...
Ellison and Hattie...I love these two :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is here :)

So just about every day or afternoon we have been to the park to play! The weather has been totally incredible (except for some rainy thunderstorm days). The kids would choose to play outside all day and every day if they could. Here are just a few photos from our park daze...
 Ellison and her buddy Miles
 My little buddy
 She looks so big to me!
 Having fun...
 My Elic
 Brother and sister hiding out in the tunnel
 Elic would hang in the tunnel all day...
Friends at the park...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday GJ!!

We want to give a loud shout out to our GJ!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love you SO SO much! 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ellison's ACTUAL Birthday :)

The morning of Ellison's actual birthday (it was Tuesday, March 13th) the kids had Pastries with Parents at school. So daddy came to eat some yummy pastries and drank some coffee. The kids were a little thrown off by having him there and not doing their typical routine at school for the morning portion of the day. However we loved having daddy come.

 I just love this little man and his new kicks (Chucks from Uncle GoGo :)
 Birthday girl ready to start her day!
 Daddy and Elic at Pastries with Parents
 Ellison reminding us all that she is finally 4 years old!
Elic was tired of pictures :)

Later in the day we celebrated Ellison's birthday with her class. We brought in cookies to share...I LOVE working where I do because I was able to have my assistant watch my class so I could run upstairs to Ellison's classroom and take some pictures.
 Ready to pass out the cookies
 Ellison and Lucy
 Mommy and Ellison
Her class
 The girls

So at lunch time Uncle GoGo came to pick Ellison up...he flew in just to see Ellison on her birthday since he had a day off. He took her to Chikfila for lunch then took her to get her nails painted...what an awesome Uncle and a very lucky niece!
 She has her color picked out
 Getting pampered
Uncle and Niece
 Finished toes and nails

 What a great birthday!

After she got her nails done then Uncle GoGo took her to pick out a brand new pair of sandals for the Spring and to show off her new toes :) Thank you Uncle GoGo for an amazing birthday surprise!

 Had to get a picture of GoGo and Bubby wearing their matching Chucks :)

On the night of her birthday Connor and I took Ellison out on a special date to celebrate. It was so nice to spend time with her (without Elic...don't get me wrong we adore our son but we have not had one on one time with Ellison in forever!) She needed our attention and we needed to focus on her special day. We had the BEST time together and I won't ever forget it.
 Eating dinner at McCreary's in downtown Franklin...chicken tenders and fries (one of her favs!)
 Loving our special date with our precious girl..
 She took daddy's glasses, put them on and started acting silly saying "look at me I am daddy!"
After dinner we headed to Sweet CeCe's! Ellison favorite place for a treat :)

 Hanging out in downtown Franklin, it was a gorgeous evening!
 With mommy
 Daddy loves his little pumpkin
 Opening presents!

Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Ellison! We love you so so much!