Friday, March 16, 2012

Ellison's Pinkalicious Birthday Party!

So my daughter is 4...I am in disbelief. I cannot believe 4 years have flown by, it has been an incredible journey up to this point. Last Sunday we celebrated with all of our friends to honor Ellison and her 4th birthday :) Ellison chose to have a Pinkalicious Party (she chose this before she had even read the book!). Honestly though I thought you can't go wrong with pink for a girls birthday party :) I spent several months in advance trying to decide where to have this "Pink Partay" because I honestly had no desire to do it at my house. We have had so many parties and get togethers to celebrate things at our house that we wanted a break from it. 

The weather is always if-e this time of year. Ellison is quite an active girl...I really wanted to do it at Little Chef's Academy and do a cooking class but it closed down! SO after research, visits and phone calls I came across this fun little place in Spring Hill...

Oh my goodness it couldn't have been more PERFECT! We had the whole place to ourselves (so it was pretty much a private party). Every single friend we invited came...there were 18 kiddos invites (not including younger siblings) so the place was full! There was plenty of room and a common area for parents to hang and chat. Every child (no matter the age) was well entertained for hours without any boredom, tears or meltdowns. It was amazing and I am SO thankful for that place.

 Making cupcakes!
 Adding on the "Pinkalicious" accessories :)
 Final product...
 They were pretty yummy!
 My very excited 4 year old!

 Party table set up
Goodies for the guests!
"Thank you for making my party Pinkalicious"
True Blue Cure for Pinkititus...GREEN FOOD! (you must read the book to understand :)
 Birthday girl is ready for her guests
 Having fun!
Bubby (as I mentioned) was well entertained and played by himself for a solid couple of hours.
Ellison and some of her friends having a great time!
 Playing on the boat
Pirate Ellison
Ellison and her friend Lucy!
Playing dress-up
 Ellison and Hadley
Here we go!
Making a wish...
The group...
Ellison and Mason
Love these girls...and Baby Z
There he is again...just checking in :)
Crazy Baby Lady, Caleb-E and me
Typical dads
Ellison and her 2 favorite buddies, Ava and Asher
Ellison and Marin!
This was only half of the group of mommies but I truly love these women...we (Connor, the kids and I) are so thankful for our dear sweet friends, they are ALL AMAZING!
One tired birthday girl on the way home...
Opening presents!
She got tons of goodies, thanks everyone!
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Ellison!


Kim @ seven thirty three said...

It looks like your party girl had a blast. I'm glad you were able to put my Green Food favor topper to good use!

Anonymous said...

nice of you to do goodie bags but the only goodies I want is between your legs