Saturday, March 3, 2012


After a long week with the loss of my grandmother, we got home from Virginia last Friday night. We honestly have not had a dull moment since Ellison and I returned. Saturday was full of unpacking, laundry (which our lovely dryer broke!), Ellison had a make-up class for gymnastics, I had errands to run AND we enjoyed a dinner with our friends...The Bell Family!

We are thankful to have met this wonderful family. Hadley and Ellison are about 7 months apart in age. Elic and Ellen Kate are only 3 weeks apart in age! The girls had SO much fun playing and watching Cinderella while the babies enjoyed walking around and making messes :)

 Icing the cupcakes for dessert!
 Sweet girls...
 Elic is all about walking everywhere...finally!
 While the babies were playing and all the adults were in conversation, we all turned to see where the girls were and they were cuddled together on the couch (Ellison was sitting in Hadley's lap) watching Cinderella...SO cute!
 Look at these 2 cuties :)

 If you watch Cinderella you must dress like her too!
 Dancing during the ball!
A walking man....

This past week has not had a dull moment either...we had a full week of school, gymnastics, Ellison's first soccer practice, dinner with relatives that were in town, Ellison had Giggle Girls, we have had meals provided by our friends this whole week which we are SO incredibly thankful for!
Today is Saturday and I have a baby shower to go to then Connor and I are going on a date this afternoon to see a movie while my parents watch the kiddos. We are tackling house projects as well which is never ending!

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