Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Great Outdoors...

Over the weekend we spent some quality time outside in the beautiful approaching Spring weather! If they could choose my babes would spend all day outside (even Elic). Once they are in the great outdoors there are no meltdowns, no wanting snacks, no whining, no crying...just carefree spirits. They both love to dig in the dirt (Elic likes to eat a little dirt as well :) I really come to love where we live and the land that we have on these beautiful days.

 This past Friday morning some of our favorite kiddos came over to play! I watched my The Gore babes while their mommy went to the doctor...never a dull moment with 5 kiddos all 5 and under in age :) We ALWAYS have a blast together :)

 Hattie and Ellison
Ella and Ellison

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