Friday, March 30, 2012

A visit with Granddaddy and Jen Mama!

You probably think we celebrate my daughter's birthday for a whole month! So last weekend we headed down to Columbia to celebrate Ellison's birthday with granddaddy and Jen :) Ms. Jen made a fabulous dinner and cake. Ellison's cousin Lee was there and Mama Doris. As well as Aunt Heather, Aunt Carly, Uncle Ben and Uncle Bo! It was such a nice evening with great food, wonderful company, a fun celebration and lots of play time for the kiddos. It was a gorgeous evening so we captured some pretty sweet photos outside...

 Happy Birthday Ellison...with a candle to grow on :)
 Making another wish ;)
 Father and son
 I think this is a great picture of Elic with his Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather
 Ellison and Cousin Lee having lots of fun!
 A happy bubs
 Sweet cousins
 Ellison with Mama Doris!
 Chilling outside
 I could kiss this little love all day long!
 A happy girl...

A great photo of Ellison and Elic with their granddaddy and Jen Mama!

Thank you guys for such a fun visit and celebration! XOXO

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