Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Day!

Towards the end of our Spring Break, Connor took 2 days off work so we could have some family time! We really enjoyed being together...
We went out to breakfast, took the kiddos to the zoo to see the Dinosaur Exhibit (which was well done however a bit frightening for the kiddos), the kids loved playing in the Jungle Gym, we grabbed some lunch and went to Sweet CeCe's.
 Elic not very excited about the T-REX
 Ellison and daddy with the dinosaur
 I know this looks like torture...we couldn't resist :)
 Big girl playing on the Jungle Gym
 Running through the snake tunnel
 Mommy and her babies

Another exciting thing Connor and Ellison did is they went on their first camping trip! They had camped out in the backyard several times and Ellison always did great. So Connor decided to venture out and he took Ellison about an hour away for a camping trip. Lets just say it was a huge hit, Ellison did amazing and they are already talking about where to go next!
 Ellison checking out the tent and her camo sleeping bag :)
 The tent is ready!
 Playing in the creek
 They had SO much fun
 For dinner...hotdog, man n cheese and smore's (all made on the camp fire!)
 She looks so big!
 Nothing like a camp fire breakfast after a great night of sleep!
The conquered their first of many camping trips :)

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