Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let the Easter Festivities Begin!

Last week at school Ellison learned all about the Easter story...which she knows by heart, the classes had Spring parties and we ended the week with Easter Egg Hunts! Here is an action shot of Ellison finding eggs with her class :)
 Going on an egg hunt
 Her sweet friend Lucy!
 I was able to run out for a few minutes to snag a photo with my sweet girl!

I also want to share this picture because these are seriously my 2 favorite people. They really are developing the sibling relationship. Ellison takes care of Elic, Elic drives Ellison crazy, they fight at each other, they giggle with each other, they do in fact share sometimes and they are always together in some way, shape or form :)

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Ellen said...

That last picture is so, so sweet!!! I totally understand what you mean. There's just nothing sweeter than seeing your children develop a close relationship. MIne are the same way - they definitely have their moments :) But overall they really love each other. Can't wait to get all the kids together in April. Miss you!