Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pampering and Birthday Party!

This past weekend I took Ellison and her BFF out for a little girl time and pampering :) Can I just say I LOVE having a little girl. I had planned a fun afternoon full of surprises for them. Elic stayed home with daddy so it was strictly just girls! Ellison is 4 and her friend Ava is 5. Can I just say how EASY it was bopping around town with the two of them. I barely even had to speak...they were totally engaged in conversation with each other (which the topics of conversation were hilarious and SO innocent). They got a long great and were both smiling and giggling the whole was such a fun time!

First stop...Divas and Dudes to get some mani's and pedi's...

 Ellison set up in the butterfly chair waiting for her pedi :)
 Now time for their mani's!
Drying their nails...
 Happy girls :)

After the salon I took them to the mall to play and run around...
 Taking a ride with Mr. Worm...
And while we were at the mall we took a quick trip to the candy store for some sweets :)

After the mall we made one last stop to the famous...SWEET CECE'S for MORE sweets! They filled their cups with yumEness and we had fun playing in a grassy area in downtown Franklin while eating ice cream. I can't wait to do it again!

Also over the weekend Ellison's friend, Hattie, had a birthday party at Let It Shine Gymnastics. Ellison knew all of the girls that were there from school. They are SUCH a sweet group of girls, I can't wait to have some of them in my class next year for Pre-K. I wish I could have them all :)

Ellison takes gymnastics at Let It Shine so she knew the drill and wasn't scared to do any of the obstacles. We had one tired girl after the party...
 Getting ready to jump on the tumble track

 This little dude cracked us up! He was OBSESSED with the foam pit...he was FEARLESS! He would literally run full steam ahead into the pit and just laugh. Connor would pull him out and he would go right back in. He played more than the girls did I think!
 Elic running into the foam pit...
 Group play in the pit!
 So FUN!
 Lined up waiting to "climb up the mountain!"
 Ellison sliding down the mountain...her face was all smiles!
 Ellison with her sweet friends...
Ellison and the birthday girl!
Happy 4th Birthday Hattie Lou!

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