Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break!

We had Spring Break over a week ago and it was wonderful! Although I must admit...I think I was more exhausted at the end of it even though I didn't work I feel like we stayed crazy busy! We had such a fun week catching up with friends and having some time with daddy. Connor took a couple of days off work to be with us and to tackle some house projects. 

I took Ellison and some of her friends to the zoo one day...

 I love this picture...
 My sweet girl at the petting zoo

Carousel ride!

We walked with friends to go feed the ducks in a nearby neighborhood...
 Love it!
 Elic snoozed in the stroller
 Feeding the ducks
 Here they come!
 Asher, Ellison, Marin and Ava
Finally Asher has another "guy friend" to play with :)

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