Saturday, April 7, 2012

What a beautiful evening with friends...

 Last Saturday night we went to a place at Percy Warner Park with 2 other dear families. We all loaded up food, beverages and outdoor fun for our sweet kiddos. It was AMAZING! We had the BEST time. There was not a sole around us...the kids played non-stop and us adults enjoyed hanging with each other with fun conversation and entertainment! I have said it many times but we are so thankful for our dear friends. What wonderful people and families to share our lives with. Thank you for such a wonderful Spring evening Ogle and Pullen Families!!! Can't wait for our next family picnic :)
 Munching on some watermelon...
 Loving on Baby Z!

 The kiddos devouring some fruit...

All of the ladies and girls :)

 The dads :)

 Sweet sweet friends...
 Could they be any sweeter?!

 These girls love each other and being together...

 One happy boy!

Two of my dear mommy friends...
 Having fun at Percy Warner!
Love my favorite!
 Mr. Josh and Ellison doing tricks!
 Ellison helping feed Baby Z!

 The dads playing with the kiddos
 Father and son...
 Happy bubs
 I love these two
 Blowing bubbles...
Bestest friends...I love them!
 So happy
 Bubby with bubbles
 They love each other...

Okay so here we are attempting a group shot...

 A little booty shot by Nik and Linds :)


 Silly faces!

 Tackle Mr. Connor!

And that is a wrap :)

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