Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of School!

This is about 2 weeks late however I snapped a couple of photos from Ellison's last day of school! I cannot believe my daughter will be in PRE-K this upcoming year! I am excited because she will be in the class right next to mine. I will get to see her a lot more because my class and her class will do lots together like recess, music, chapel and different activities.

 Ellison and her teacher Ms. Beth...we LOVE Ms. Beth!
 Ellison with Ms. Beth and her friend Molly who is Ms. Beth's daughter :)
Ellison and Molly Moo...

Ms. Beth thank you SO much for loving on our baby girl and teaching her SO much this year! I cannot believe all the things Ellison can do like writing ALL of her letters, cutting, drawing actual pictures, telling me the sounds of the letter, writing her first and last name...the list goes on and on! We love you so much!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I got sweet gifts, some "mommy time" without kiddos, a yummy brunch in Downtown Franklin and a wonderful dinner with my family made by my sweet husband :) It was a super rainy day on Mother's Day but we got dressed and headed to 55 South for Mother's Day brunch. Oh my goodness was it yummy...I had a praline and pecan french toast dish with bacon and mimosa :) It was delicious! One of my favorite things is to go out to eat and try new things. I am so glad we did this...the kids did great and had tons of fun.
 The two sweet things that make me a mom :)
 Family at Mother's Day brunch...

The evening of Mother's Day we had my family come over to eat dinner made by my dear hubs. While the kids napped, Connor cooked and cleaned up the house. After naps the kids played while Connor and I finished up a few things. Literally as my family was pulling up our driveway I thought to myself "Elic is being so quiet and good I should just lay an eye on him :)" Well I am so glad I did! Because I found this...
 Uh oh...
 He had a grand ole was in his mouth, all over the play table, dripping on the floor, blobbed on his new polo, I was speechless! However I didn't get mad, the first thing we did was grab the camera...this will definitely come in handy later on down the road. What a stinker...what a boy...what a love :)

 The kiddos with their GJ...
 Opening cards...I love this picture :)
 The ladies...minus one, we so missed our Nan
 We were so thankful to have Uncle Jimmy there to celebrate Mother's Day with us, what a blessing!
Ellison had to get a picture with her Claude :)

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends, my aunts, my grandmothers, my mother in law and most importantly to my mom! I love you all!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ladybug Season is over...

A couple of weekends ago Ellison had her very last soccer game for the Spring season with her Ladybug girl team! We have really enjoyed this season and Ellison has made tons of growth. We have been done with soccer for hardly 2 weeks and she literally asks every day when she will play soccer again! I am already checking with the Y to see when sign up for the Fall is so we don't miss it :)

 Throwing in the ball...
 Action photo...headed for the goal!
 A very proud daddy and the little ladybug
 Team huddle...
 Go ladybug girls!

After the game Coach Jill  had the team over to her house for a celebration and some fun play time! Ellison has become friends with all the girl on her team...they are so sweet!
 Playing air hockey with Lillian at Coach Jill's house
 Elic munching on some watermelon...
 I love this picture...Ellison and Lillian in the bubbles
 Sweet girls playing...
 Team meeting :)
 These two are buddies...
 Make a silly face!
 Ellison and her trophy :)
 One last team photo...good job girlies!

Monday, May 21, 2012


So about a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting a family member that I have NEVER met before. It is a VERY long but amazing story. Maybe I will share it one day. My dad's brother, Jimmy. They had not seen each other in alittle over 50 years I believe. They have not known of each others existence since they were separated during their childhood. My mom found Jimmy through tons of research and work through To say the least it is a pretty incredible story! We were SO thankful that Jimmy took the time out to come to good ole Nashville for a few days. He is a wonderful man, so kind, passionate and he fit right into the family :) Jimmy we LOVED having you here with us and cannot wait to see you again soon!

We met the family at Puckett's for dinner in downtown Franklin then headed to Sweet Cece's! The kids were amazing and had SO MUCH FUN playing outside in downtown. It was a great reunion!

 Happy Bubby!
 My dad and his brother Jimmy!
 Ellison enjoying some Cece's
 Bubby enjoying some Cece's too :)
 Connor and I with Uncle Jimmy
 Ellison with her Poppy and Claude
 GJ and Ellison
 Big sister sharing her sweets with little brother
 This kid was a riot...he played hard that night
 Love my girl...
Silly siblings :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Build A Bear!

Last weekend we celebrated sweet Molly's 4th Birthday! Ellison and Molly have been buddies since they were just a year old. They have been in school together for the past 3 years and will be starting Pre-K together this upcoming Fall! Molly had her birthday party at Build A Bear...Ellison has only been there one other time. Connor took her when Elic was born to make a puppy dog for him. Ellison loved the party and picking out her bear.

 Waiting patiently for her turn to put stuffing in her bear!

 Ellison and her bear! She changes his name every day...

 Giving her bear a bath
 Waiting with her friends...

 Sweet girls celebrating with their bears

 Thanks Molly for such a fun birthday party!
Ellison and her buddy Lucy waiting for cupcakes!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Two weekends ago we headed to Knoxville to visit our dear friends, The McNally Family! It had been way too long since our last reunion. During the time since our last visit, my friend Jennifer had their 2nd baby...sweet Maggie :) She was a doll! Owen and Ellison had a blast together and played non-stop. The husbands went fishing, we ate out a lot, mommy did a little shopping, Jennifer hosted a Thirty One Show and we just enjoyed being in each other's company.
 Owen and Ellison eating popsicles
 Bubby wanted to be a big kid
 All the kiddos...a pretty cute bunch!

 Riding around town
 Owen and Ellison playing at dinner one night...they were full of energy!

 Slumber party in Owen's room!
 Ms. Jen and Elic :)
 Mr. Connor and Sweet Maggie
 Ellison and Owen
 Just thought this was cute with the daddies and the older babes...
 Playing outside!
 Team Ball!
 Ellison up to bat...maybe she should try for T-Ball?!
 Sweet picture of Elic and Maggie watching their older siblings play...

Thank you McNally Family for such a fun visit! We can't wait to see you guys again soon :)