Monday, May 21, 2012


So about a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting a family member that I have NEVER met before. It is a VERY long but amazing story. Maybe I will share it one day. My dad's brother, Jimmy. They had not seen each other in alittle over 50 years I believe. They have not known of each others existence since they were separated during their childhood. My mom found Jimmy through tons of research and work through To say the least it is a pretty incredible story! We were SO thankful that Jimmy took the time out to come to good ole Nashville for a few days. He is a wonderful man, so kind, passionate and he fit right into the family :) Jimmy we LOVED having you here with us and cannot wait to see you again soon!

We met the family at Puckett's for dinner in downtown Franklin then headed to Sweet Cece's! The kids were amazing and had SO MUCH FUN playing outside in downtown. It was a great reunion!

 Happy Bubby!
 My dad and his brother Jimmy!
 Ellison enjoying some Cece's
 Bubby enjoying some Cece's too :)
 Connor and I with Uncle Jimmy
 Ellison with her Poppy and Claude
 GJ and Ellison
 Big sister sharing her sweets with little brother
 This kid was a riot...he played hard that night
 Love my girl...
Silly siblings :)


Ellen said...

What an amazing story, Linds! That must have been one incredible reunion! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks, friend!

Anonymous said...

It was a great reunion! Hope to share more times together. Love ya, GJ