Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of School!

This is about 2 weeks late however I snapped a couple of photos from Ellison's last day of school! I cannot believe my daughter will be in PRE-K this upcoming year! I am excited because she will be in the class right next to mine. I will get to see her a lot more because my class and her class will do lots together like recess, music, chapel and different activities.

 Ellison and her teacher Ms. Beth...we LOVE Ms. Beth!
 Ellison with Ms. Beth and her friend Molly who is Ms. Beth's daughter :)
Ellison and Molly Moo...

Ms. Beth thank you SO much for loving on our baby girl and teaching her SO much this year! I cannot believe all the things Ellison can do like writing ALL of her letters, cutting, drawing actual pictures, telling me the sounds of the letter, writing her first and last name...the list goes on and on! We love you so much!

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