Thursday, June 28, 2012

California Day 2

On Saturday night I got in bed with Ellison and noticed she felt super hot. She was tossing and turning so I woke her up and asked her how she felt. She said she didn't feel good. SO I got her up to take her downstairs for some medicine and to check her temperature. As soon as I hit the bottom stair she started throwing up :( Luckily we had a doctor in the house! She threw up a couple of times then insisted she felt better. I gave her some motrin and hoped that she would sleep off whatever it was. Thankfully she did. So our second day (Sunday) we decided to just take it easy. We ate breakfast at Heirloom with my Uncles, Matt and Grace. Then we walked down the streets of South Pasadena. Stopped in some really cute shops...

 She is feeling better :) Doing a little shopping...
 Love this town...
 We found a toy store which was fun for the kids to go in a play since we didn't have many toys at Googie's house :)

After lunch, Elic took a nap then Ellison and I hung out together by the pool til brother woke up!
 My sweet girl

After Elic got up, we threw on our swim suits to have some pool time...
 Elic is always eating a snack

Sunday evening was Cousin Grace's Baccalaureate...I had planned on staying home with both kids because I knew it was not really the perfect event to take a 19 month old too. Well Ellison was so upset she wasn't going. I assumed she would want to stay with me. I was totally wrong. She cried and insisted that she goes. So I got her dressed and she waved bye to Elic and me without looking back. 
 Waiting to leave for The Baccalaureate

So Elic and mommy hung out, took a walk around the neighborhood and ate popsicles :)

A few hours later, everyone returned and they said Ellison did amazing! She sat quiet and still, was totally happy to be there celebrating Cousin Grace :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

California Day 1

Our first full day the kiddos were up at 5am! Oh well, I was sort of expecting it with the time change. I have to say what a blessing Matt was :) Matt just finished his first year of college, he is a guy and I actually thing both of those facts are enough reason to NOT feel the desire to wake up early and spend your time with kids. He got up with us EVERY morning, sometimes made the kids breakfast if we didn't actually go and get breakfast. He played with them, was the mains source of entertainment, took us places like to the mall and park...he gave up his whole week pretty much for us. What a sweetheart...thank you Matt! 

Anyways...our first day was sort of low key since we were jet lagged, etc. We played outside with the puppies (Jack and Lucy), took a walk down to our favorite eating stop (Heirloom), went swimming and Matt took us to a park so the kiddos could play. All in all it was a pleasant first day :)

 Bubby playing with Jack and Lucy

 Ellison and her buddy...Matt

 My sweet boy

 Wherever Matt was...Ellison was :)

 Taking a walk down to Heirloom...

 This is the street my Uncles live is so pretty and peaceful!

 A picture with mommy :)

 Climbing trees along the way...

 Back at the house we gathered lemons from the lemon tree to make some lemonade!

 First swim in the pool...

 Break time...eating snacks and painting

 Playing at the park

 Bubby enjoyed himself

 This makes me smile :)
 I think we swam twice!
 The Little Mermaid
 Matt, Ellison and Googie

Googie, Ellison, mommy and Matt

While we swam Elic decided to water color himself...he is such a boy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

California here we come!

The next adventure we encountered this summer was an 8 day vacation to South Pasadena, California! I am going to post about each day of our trip. Sadly Connor stayed home because he had a licensing exam to take. So I packed the kiddos and myself up for a 4 hour flight and 8 day visit across country. I had a bit of anxiety about flying alone with 2 babes under the age of 5. I honestly was not worried at all about Ellison however my 19 month all boy son was a different worry :) All I can say is BOTH kiddos were absolutely fantastic! Our flight left at 6:30 in the evening so expected Elic to fall asleep about half way through. Well my wish was not granted, that little stinker stayed awake the WHOLE 4 hour flight but he never cried, never screeched, never melted down. He was perfect :) Not to brag but I had several people comment on how well they did. I was responsible for both of them (obviously) a stroller, a Britax chunky carseat, purse and two backpacks. I could not have done it without my sweet Ellison. She was THE BIGGEST help with carrying stuff and pushing her brother in the stroller. I am blessed :)

Here are my babes on the airplane before take off. After we got up in the air I switched took Ellison out of her seat and put Elic in til we landed. I think this was a HUGE help with keeping him happy and contained. It is truly the way to do it. We watched movies, colored, colored and colored :) Ate skittles and suckers (hey whatever is necessary :) We arrived in California, got picked up by my Uncle and Cousin Matt and those two little munchkins passed out within 5 minutes of being in the car. We got to the house and all crashed...of course they both woke up at 5am (which was 7am back home :)!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slip in Slide and Water FUN!

We bought a slip n slide...what a fun and cheap purchase! We set it up one afternoon on the weekend and spent several hours playing with it. Ellison LOVED it. We had a little slope we laid it out on to help with the sliding part and squirted a little soap on top to help with the slip part :)

 Ellison was the first victim...testing it out and it was a success!
 My other child taking his turn on it :)
 We did indeed gently push Elic down the slip n slide since he didn't really know what he was a result he did not want to participate any more!
 A very happy girl...
 Grass in the mouth...Bubby quit after the first attempt
 Love it!
 Trying different ways to go down! It was way faster on her knees...
 So happy...
 I love this picture...just a daddy and daughter having fun :)
 They got creative!

We are so blessed to have neighbors with a pool, especially since we don't technically belong to a pool anymore. Our neighbors invited us over to try it out after our slip n slide adventure...
 This was one of the first swims of summer for us. Elic lasted in the float for about 10 minutes...we have not pulled the float back out since. He was not a fan, would much rather just be held and sit on the steps!
 Ellison and daddy swimming...
Ellison swimming on her own! She picked right back up from where she left off last year...

Friday, June 22, 2012


We had a little family outing and headed to the zoo for the day! We always love the zoo and really love having a season pass. This was the first time we went where Elic really got into the animals. He loved the petting zoo and being able to walk around to see everything and to actually brush the animals like his big sister :) He was fearless of course...

 Little guy checking out the goats...
 Ellison showing her little brother how to be gentle because we all know Elic isn't too experienced in that skill!
 He looks so big to me!
 Mommy and Ellison having fun :)
 Checking out the ducks at the reptile house...
 Love him...
 Thankfully the fountains were turned on near the play gym! It was HOT, Ellison loved the fountains last year. This was Elic's first year to experience them and he surprisingly was NOT a fan...
 Not loving the fountains, didn't want daddy to let go :(
 Daddy and the kiddos
Ellison soaking wet...ready to head home!