Tuesday, June 26, 2012

California Day 1

Our first full day the kiddos were up at 5am! Oh well, I was sort of expecting it with the time change. I have to say what a blessing Matt was :) Matt just finished his first year of college, he is a guy and I actually thing both of those facts are enough reason to NOT feel the desire to wake up early and spend your time with kids. He got up with us EVERY morning, sometimes made the kids breakfast if we didn't actually go and get breakfast. He played with them, was the mains source of entertainment, took us places like to the mall and park...he gave up his whole week pretty much for us. What a sweetheart...thank you Matt! 

Anyways...our first day was sort of low key since we were jet lagged, etc. We played outside with the puppies (Jack and Lucy), took a walk down to our favorite eating stop (Heirloom), went swimming and Matt took us to a park so the kiddos could play. All in all it was a pleasant first day :)

 Bubby playing with Jack and Lucy

 Ellison and her buddy...Matt

 My sweet boy

 Wherever Matt was...Ellison was :)

 Taking a walk down to Heirloom...

 This is the street my Uncles live on...it is so pretty and peaceful!

 A picture with mommy :)

 Climbing trees along the way...

 Back at the house we gathered lemons from the lemon tree to make some lemonade!

 First swim in the pool...

 Break time...eating snacks and painting

 Playing at the park

 Bubby enjoyed himself

 This makes me smile :)
 I think we swam twice!
 The Little Mermaid
 Matt, Ellison and Googie

Googie, Ellison, mommy and Matt

While we swam Elic decided to water color himself...he is such a boy!

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