Thursday, June 28, 2012

California Day 2

On Saturday night I got in bed with Ellison and noticed she felt super hot. She was tossing and turning so I woke her up and asked her how she felt. She said she didn't feel good. SO I got her up to take her downstairs for some medicine and to check her temperature. As soon as I hit the bottom stair she started throwing up :( Luckily we had a doctor in the house! She threw up a couple of times then insisted she felt better. I gave her some motrin and hoped that she would sleep off whatever it was. Thankfully she did. So our second day (Sunday) we decided to just take it easy. We ate breakfast at Heirloom with my Uncles, Matt and Grace. Then we walked down the streets of South Pasadena. Stopped in some really cute shops...

 She is feeling better :) Doing a little shopping...
 Love this town...
 We found a toy store which was fun for the kids to go in a play since we didn't have many toys at Googie's house :)

After lunch, Elic took a nap then Ellison and I hung out together by the pool til brother woke up!
 My sweet girl

After Elic got up, we threw on our swim suits to have some pool time...
 Elic is always eating a snack

Sunday evening was Cousin Grace's Baccalaureate...I had planned on staying home with both kids because I knew it was not really the perfect event to take a 19 month old too. Well Ellison was so upset she wasn't going. I assumed she would want to stay with me. I was totally wrong. She cried and insisted that she goes. So I got her dressed and she waved bye to Elic and me without looking back. 
 Waiting to leave for The Baccalaureate

So Elic and mommy hung out, took a walk around the neighborhood and ate popsicles :)

A few hours later, everyone returned and they said Ellison did amazing! She sat quiet and still, was totally happy to be there celebrating Cousin Grace :)

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