Sunday, June 24, 2012

California here we come!

The next adventure we encountered this summer was an 8 day vacation to South Pasadena, California! I am going to post about each day of our trip. Sadly Connor stayed home because he had a licensing exam to take. So I packed the kiddos and myself up for a 4 hour flight and 8 day visit across country. I had a bit of anxiety about flying alone with 2 babes under the age of 5. I honestly was not worried at all about Ellison however my 19 month all boy son was a different worry :) All I can say is BOTH kiddos were absolutely fantastic! Our flight left at 6:30 in the evening so expected Elic to fall asleep about half way through. Well my wish was not granted, that little stinker stayed awake the WHOLE 4 hour flight but he never cried, never screeched, never melted down. He was perfect :) Not to brag but I had several people comment on how well they did. I was responsible for both of them (obviously) a stroller, a Britax chunky carseat, purse and two backpacks. I could not have done it without my sweet Ellison. She was THE BIGGEST help with carrying stuff and pushing her brother in the stroller. I am blessed :)

Here are my babes on the airplane before take off. After we got up in the air I switched took Ellison out of her seat and put Elic in til we landed. I think this was a HUGE help with keeping him happy and contained. It is truly the way to do it. We watched movies, colored, colored and colored :) Ate skittles and suckers (hey whatever is necessary :) We arrived in California, got picked up by my Uncle and Cousin Matt and those two little munchkins passed out within 5 minutes of being in the car. We got to the house and all crashed...of course they both woke up at 5am (which was 7am back home :)!

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