Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catch up!

Ok so I decided to select a few photos to sum up what summer has involved since Connor and I got back from our little vacay :) Ellison attended our church's Vacation Bible School! It was a week long from 9-12. I was so excited for her to go, make new friends and of course learn more about God. She loved it so much and luckily several of her little friends from school attended as well.
 Ellison and her friend Ava at VBS
Ellison and her friends Liv and Alex at the VBS cookout on the last day :)

The Sunday following VBS Ellison (and all the children that were at church who participated in VBS) got in front of the congregation and sang a few songs. She looked so big up there and did an amazing job. My girl definitely does not show any signs of stage fright once she is in the zone!

We celebrated our friend Marin's 4th birthday. It was a precious party with a rainbow/painting theme. Marin's mom (my friend) Jocelyn set up canvas's for all of the girls outside on their fence with paints, brushes and their own canvas to take home. We have Ellison's masterpiece hanging up in our playroom! Happy Birthday Marin!

 All the girls painting at the party...
 Ellison painting :)

We have had play dates play date a bunch of us mommies took all of our kiddos to the theater to see a movie. For just $2.00 you get admission and a box of popcorn/drink/fruit snacks! Elic was free so for Ellison and myself we only paid $4.00 even for everything! It was such a deal especially in the dead heat of summer! It was Elic's first movie experience and he did awesome! Luckily the theater was packed with kiddos of ALL ages so when he did have moments of wanting to screech out loud or get down and run the isles it was fine :)
 Elic's first movie! He got scared when the lights dimmed out but then was fine...
 Ellison with some of her friends that went, Ella and Hattie :)

Elic came to work with me one day while Ellison was at VBS. I went in to help my boss do a few things in preparation of the new school year approaching! I loved this photo...he is just took cute!

One afternoon we had a friend over to play :) Sweet Hadley's mama is preggo with her 3rd baby girl and at the time was due within a couple of weeks (she had the baby several days ago :) Hadley and Ellison and great buddies. They love each other and had SO much fun playing all afternoon. We had lunch, played dress up, had a princess dance party, got ice cream and went to the park. These girls were exhausted when we dropped Hadley off at 5pm!

We have been swimming lots, some with friends and some on our own! We have traveled around town trying out all of the swimming pools or so it seems...
 Hattie, Ellison and Ella
 Elic and Caleb!

Summer is just flying by us! I am forgetting to take pictures like I use to. Now I have become really dependent on using my phone for pictures. Oh well...we have 2 weeks til school starts and the next several weekends are jam packed busy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Engagement...

A few weekends ago we had my sister in law, Sarah and her fiance' Danny over to my parents house for dinner to celebrate their engagement! It was a little over due but none the less we had so much fun and enjoyed all being together! My mom pulled out her huge planning notebook from my wedding for Sarah to look through. It brought back lots of memories :) Thanks mom and dad for having all of us over and congratulations again to Danny and Sarah!

Miss Sassy headed to GJ and Poppy's
We are so excited!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A getaway for Mommy and Daddy :)

So after 4 years...Connor and I finally had our first getaway without children! We went with some of our friends to Orange Beach, AL. We left on a Tuesday midday and returned on Sunday early afternoon. It is the longest I have ever been away from the kids. It was a wonderful refresher, break and I actually got to lay out on the beach for hours and hours. Connor went deep sea fishing once and then we all went a second time. We played putt-putt, saw fireworks on the beach, grilled amazing seafood that we caught on our fishing trips, Tracy and I went shopping, we slept and most of all we had to answer to nobody or fulfill any requests but our own :) 

However :) we missed those kiddos SO much! We talked about them constantly and had wished they were there every day. It made us realize that date night here and there are needed but almost a whole week vacation away from them was not. We were so ready to get home to them. From now on every vacation will be a family one for us :)

First night...yummy seafood, the beach, playing cards...wonderful!

This was taken after the boys got back from a fishing trip...they caught a ton and had an awesome time!

On our last day we decided to get on another fishing trip, it was VERY last minute. We called, found one and had literally 30 minutes to get to the boat. I am SO glad we did it. I had a blast...we all did!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Elic's first haircut...

The time came where Elic's hair was out of control! Never in a million years did I think my son would need a haircut before the age of at least 3 (you have seen my sweet daughter's hair, right?!). However the time did indeed come. So Connor, Ellison and Elic all got haircuts together :) I was expecting the worst from Elic as far as cooperating, sitting still, etc. To my surprise he did awesome! He got a sucker, sat in daddy's lap and was such a big boy! I was a little sad to see those sweet curls get trimmed however he looked so handsome with his new "do". Ellison did great as well, this was the 2nd time her hair has ever been trimmed. She needed a little shape up.

A before shot :)
Ellison's before shot!
Ellison getting her trim...
Combing out bubby's hair...
He is ready!
I love him :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Centennial Park

Some of our friends had to move (not too far away but from Franklin to Springhill) so I took their girls to play so the moving process would be a little easier. Plus our kiddos are all friends :) I was trying to think of something fun, different and FREE to do on a hot day! Several people recommended going to a Splash Park in Cumberland Park. I had never been or heard of it before. The drive was a bit far, however it was totally worth it. There was lots to do from just walking around, seeing the river, there was play equipment and then of course the splash park! I SO wish Franklin and/or Brentwood had a splash park open in the summer time. It makes so much sense to have one! The kids had a blast, including the little ones. It was a fun summer day!

Playing on the rope course...
Gigantic slide...
The little ones trying to keep up with their big siblings!
Down by the river
Splash park fun!
Ellison and Marin
Elic was totally fascinated

Clara and Elic playing!
There was this cool rain wall with water pouring down from the ceiling
Their faces crack me up, so serious!
Sassy pose of the girls :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheekwood Daddy/Daughter Date

A few weeks ago Connor took Ellison out for a daddy/daughter date to Cheekwood to see the Tree house Exhibit! I was a little sad I missed out on going but Elic was in desperate need for a nap and I had lots to do because Connor and I were getting ready to go out of town. They had SO much fun together...I know Connor really enjoys the one on one time with his daughter. It is funny because Ellison acts like a totally different kid when her brother isn't around. I mean don't get me wrong we love the way she is around her brother but I guess we just see her in a different way when it is just her. Connor did a great job and took LOTS of pictures so I wouldn't miss anything :)

This tree house was made out of CD's...
I love this picture!

Self portrait!
Zebra mask...
She spent a lot of time here :) It blows my mind how sand can keep my kiddos occupied for hours!

Going down the slide!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camp Nickajack and Softball!

Well we came home on a Sunday evening and woke up early Monday morning to start a full week of swim camp and our first T-Ball practice!
 Look at how grown up she is!

We loved Camp Nickajack last summer and were totally blown away at what Ellison learned (which was how to swim completely on her own!). So this year was more of a refresher and learning more advanced skills like treading water, coming up for breaths, floating on her back, etc. She had a full week with swim camp every morning. She spent the night with her MeMac several nights. She was a worn out girl towards the end of the week with adjusting to being back home from California, the time change, etc. She didn't fail to impress us though at the parent show.Since camp we have been to the pool a ton and I am not lying when I say I don't even have to get in the water with her. Now I am literally a jump away (don't think I totally ignore her) but she can jump in, swim to the stairs or ladder, tread water when it is too deep, it is WONDERFUL! Especially when having to keep an eye on my fearless son.
 First day of swim camp at Nickajack!
 Ellison's group and Mr. Bert giving all the parents a quick intro to the class...

 Walking back after class...a happy swimmer :)

Waiting for the parent show to start
Diving board
Trying to look tough and proud
The water slide!
Proud mommy and daddy...
Ellison and her coach Ms. Margaret!

We also took on another activity for the summer...T-Ball! Ellison is a soccer star but it won't start back up til the Fall so we thought we would give T-Ball a try. I will say she doesn't like it half as much as soccer but we are proud of her for giving it a try. We really just want to expose her (and Elic when he is old enough) to as many things as possible to see what interests they have!
 Her team is called The cute is she?! LOVE the hat :)
I do believe Elic will be loving some baseball when he is old enough. During T-Ball practices I can't keep him off the field!