Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A getaway for Mommy and Daddy :)

So after 4 years...Connor and I finally had our first getaway without children! We went with some of our friends to Orange Beach, AL. We left on a Tuesday midday and returned on Sunday early afternoon. It is the longest I have ever been away from the kids. It was a wonderful refresher, break and I actually got to lay out on the beach for hours and hours. Connor went deep sea fishing once and then we all went a second time. We played putt-putt, saw fireworks on the beach, grilled amazing seafood that we caught on our fishing trips, Tracy and I went shopping, we slept and most of all we had to answer to nobody or fulfill any requests but our own :) 

However :) we missed those kiddos SO much! We talked about them constantly and had wished they were there every day. It made us realize that date night here and there are needed but almost a whole week vacation away from them was not. We were so ready to get home to them. From now on every vacation will be a family one for us :)

First night...yummy seafood, the beach, playing cards...wonderful!

This was taken after the boys got back from a fishing trip...they caught a ton and had an awesome time!

On our last day we decided to get on another fishing trip, it was VERY last minute. We called, found one and had literally 30 minutes to get to the boat. I am SO glad we did it. I had a blast...we all did!

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