Monday, July 9, 2012

California Day 3- Santa Barbara here we come!

We set our alarms SUPER early for Monday morning to catch the 7:30 train to Santa Barbara. My Uncle was at The Bacara Resort for a conference and invited us to come down and spend the day there. My brother, Matt, myself and the kiddos jumped on the opportunity. We traveled with a stroller, 2 car seats (for taxi rides) and a duffle bag filled with changes of clothes, entertainment and snacks for the train ride...all in all I could NOT have made it there without Matt and Jeff. Thank you guys for tagging a long with us! The kids were pumped about the train ride...
 Brother and sister ready!
 At Union Station ready to catch the big train!
 These boys were troopers, hauling around 2 car seats and bags...
 Finally we made it on the train...headed to Santa Barbara!
Uncle GoGo and his niece
 Sleeping Beauty
 Ellison coloring with Cousin Matt
Bubby and GoGo

 Brother and sister
 Having so much fun!

After arriving in Santa Barbara...we decided to take a walk and explore the area for a little bit. It was a very overcast and chilly day. But we still had fun! We walked down the pier, did a little shopping and ate a very yummy lunch!
 Ellison's favorite place to be...
Brothers and sisters
Walking down the pier
Me and my babes

We finally made it to the was INCREDIBLE! We were SO blessed to be able to spend the day there, thanks to my uncle.
The check in area at the resort...
 The Bacara Resort :)
Our golf cart ride to the villa
 So pretty
Bubby fell asleep in the cab ride there so we kept him snuggled in his car seat during all of the transitions...

 GORGEOUS view from the balcony
 Walking down to the pool
 The resort from the pool was beautiful!
 Down on the beach...too cold to get in for sure, but they had fun in the sand!
 Brother and sister

 Up close of bubby
Up close of Ellison

 Love it!
 Uncle GoGo loves his Ellison...
 Back up at the pool area ready to swim...
 Enjoying some time in the hot tub :)
All of us in the hot tub...
 Swimming to Matt and GoGo!

My Uncle had a break from his conference so he joined us for a little visit. We were glad he was able to pull away for a bit. I am so thankful for him and all he does for us!
 Love this picture :)
"High five Googie for letting us come hang with you at the resort!"

Ok this was the COOLEST thing ever, in the corner of the pool area there was a HUGE area blocked off for kids and it had the biggest sand pit EVER! It was a danger free zone that overlooked onto the beach, right where the pool was and provided non-stop entertainment for the kids! I want one at my house :)
 Some happy kiddos
 Burying Ellison
 Then Elic wanted to be buried
 Now it was GoGo's turn

After having tons of fun outside it was time to get cleaned up, grab some dinner then catch a cab back to the train station.
 Elic tackling Ellison...which happens all the time!
 Had to get some more photos :)
 I love these two...
 Goodbye beautiful Bacara!
 One of my favorite photos...

This was hilarious, my Uncle took care of calling us a cab to come pick us up. SO we were waiting at the front of the hotel. A limo pulled up and my brother & I looked at each other and said "OOhh, I wonder what fancy people are getting a limo pick up." Well sure enough, the driver called our names! So we loaded up our two car seats in the back row and took the kids on their first limo ride! It was awesome, we were all cracking up...
 Ellison excited for her first limo ride
 This makes me laugh!

We made it back to the train station in plenty of time. Took a walk to look at the trains then it was time to head back to Pasadena. The kiddos were absolutely amazing, no meltdowns at all. They both totally passed out around 9 o'clock on the train ride home. THANK YOU UNCLE GOOGIE for such a fun adventure! Can't wait to do it again :)

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