Thursday, July 12, 2012

California- Day 4 and Day 5

I figured I would combine these two days to speed up the posts! I am so so a lot of these pictures are somewhat random. We were all exhausted after our day excursion to Santa Barbara. The next day was pretty chill and relaxing. We got a yummy breakfast at Heirloom and just hung out around the pool.

 This place will never get breakfast every! Love Heirloom!
 Everytime we eat at Heirloom the tram passes through about every 15 minutes and the kids always get super excited to watch it. So as soon as they hear the ringing of the guard rails coming down they run to the street to watch. Thank you Matt for ALWAYS getting up to take them :)
 Bubs and Cousin Matt :)

The kids and I went to a place called Pirate Park with Cousin Matt and his mom Patti! It was a great park and the kids had fun just getting some young energy out :) I can't stop saying it but I hardly did a thing, Matt was there climbing with the kids, running around and keeping them well entertained!
 Matt and protective :)
 Always with her :)
 Go girl!
 Love her...
 Don't forget about me!!

After the park we took the kiddos home for a much needed nap! While they slept my brother, Matt and I went on a little adventure to Ace Ventura Blvd to see INVENTORI! I am a Tori Spelling fan and have been wanting to visit the store that she and her husband opened up together. Even though there were no stars there we looked around, got the kiddos each a little surprise and of course took a photo or two. It was a super cute store...maybe next time Tori!
 Did a little shopping ;)
 The store from far away

My parents arrived safe and sound which meant more good family times AND extra helping hands with the kiddos :) We spent a lot of time in the pool...
 Love his hair all slicked back...he looks totally different!
 OK so Elic was a bit attached to me during this whole trip. A new place, new territory, new routine (or NO routine), some new faces, new time change, etc. For some reason in the pool he was super clingy. Well I love my boy but mama needed a break so I would have to hide under the rafts from him so I could just float and veg in the pool. Here is an example above...see my mom holding him in the background? Its like if he didn't see me then he didn't need me. 

One night we all headed down to Menchies for some frozen yogurt and treats! It is very similar to Sweet Cece's which is our favorite around here. All I can say is the stroll there and back was one of the funniest and memorable parts of the trip. Matt and Jeff were "super dads" pushing each kid in a stroller. Of course this got very competitive and I will just leave it at that!

 Power dad's walking the kids
 Yummy Menchies!
Oh if you only knew what all happened!

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