Friday, July 13, 2012

California Day 6

Graduation Day for Grace! One of the big reasons we made this trip was to celebrate our Cousin Grace and her graduating high school! I was a bit hesitant taking the kids (especially Elic) to a graduation outdoors. However they were wonderful, they clapped and cheered. Graduations in Pasadena, CA are a little bit different than those here in Franklin, TN :) We had a good time celebrating our Grace :)

 Elic and Matt listening to some tunes while getting ready :)

 Yay for Grace! We love you!
 Grace, Ellison and GJ

 A proud dad...
 Grace with her two dads...Mark and Ed
 Patti (Grace's mom), Mark, Grace, Ed and Matt
 The Giberson Crew
 The Stewart and Ball Crew!
 We are SO proud of you Grace! We are thrilled we got to celebrate your special day with you and cannot wait to see what the future hold for you :) Congratulations!
Me and my babes...look at that sneaky boy :)

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