Tuesday, July 17, 2012

California Day 8

Our last full day in California! We started off the morning with a Thirty One Show :) My Uncle's dear friend, Ms. Teri, hosted a Thirty One Party at her clubhouse. It was AMAZING! She totally and completely out did herself. About 20-25 people attended, the food was incredible, I pretty much made enough money to pay for my round trip ticket to California plus some, everyone had a fabulous time and I met some amazing women. I am so thankful and blessed...thank you SO much Teri (and to Ms. Susan for helping!). 

I left the kiddos with my brother and Uncles. They did great, when the show was over we went home to celebrate Grace's graduation with a little party. Family and friends stopped by for the occasion and we ended the night with a swim in the pool. 

When we woke up on our very last morning, all of us headed to the wonderful Heirloom for our last breakfast.

On the walk back to my Uncle's house we realized that we had 4 generations of brothers and sisters all together. So of course we HAD to take a picture :)

Ed (my Uncle-Googie) and his sister Jaci (my mom-GJ)
Jeff (my brother-GoGo) and myself
Matt (Ed's stepson- my cousin) and Grace (Ed's stepdaughter- my cousin)
Elic and Ellison

 Four generations of brothers and sisters :) 

It was so bittersweet leaving after an incredible trip! We were SO excited to get home and see daddy but so sad to leave our family. We made so many wonderful memories and really had one of the best trips. I know I won't ever forget it and all that we did together!
 Ellison and Elic on the airplane home...aren't they precious?

 I love this picture...look at Connor's face! First time seeing daddy at the airport...
Happy bubby with his daddy :)

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