Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camp Nickajack and Softball!

Well we came home on a Sunday evening and woke up early Monday morning to start a full week of swim camp and our first T-Ball practice!
 Look at how grown up she is!

We loved Camp Nickajack last summer and were totally blown away at what Ellison learned (which was how to swim completely on her own!). So this year was more of a refresher and learning more advanced skills like treading water, coming up for breaths, floating on her back, etc. She had a full week with swim camp every morning. She spent the night with her MeMac several nights. She was a worn out girl towards the end of the week with adjusting to being back home from California, the time change, etc. She didn't fail to impress us though at the parent show.Since camp we have been to the pool a ton and I am not lying when I say I don't even have to get in the water with her. Now I am literally a jump away (don't think I totally ignore her) but she can jump in, swim to the stairs or ladder, tread water when it is too deep, it is WONDERFUL! Especially when having to keep an eye on my fearless son.
 First day of swim camp at Nickajack!
 Ellison's group and Mr. Bert giving all the parents a quick intro to the class...

 Walking back after class...a happy swimmer :)

Waiting for the parent show to start
Diving board
Trying to look tough and proud
The water slide!
Proud mommy and daddy...
Ellison and her coach Ms. Margaret!

We also took on another activity for the summer...T-Ball! Ellison is a soccer star but it won't start back up til the Fall so we thought we would give T-Ball a try. I will say she doesn't like it half as much as soccer but we are proud of her for giving it a try. We really just want to expose her (and Elic when he is old enough) to as many things as possible to see what interests they have!
 Her team is called The cute is she?! LOVE the hat :)
I do believe Elic will be loving some baseball when he is old enough. During T-Ball practices I can't keep him off the field!

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