Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catch up!

Ok so I decided to select a few photos to sum up what summer has involved since Connor and I got back from our little vacay :) Ellison attended our church's Vacation Bible School! It was a week long from 9-12. I was so excited for her to go, make new friends and of course learn more about God. She loved it so much and luckily several of her little friends from school attended as well.
 Ellison and her friend Ava at VBS
Ellison and her friends Liv and Alex at the VBS cookout on the last day :)

The Sunday following VBS Ellison (and all the children that were at church who participated in VBS) got in front of the congregation and sang a few songs. She looked so big up there and did an amazing job. My girl definitely does not show any signs of stage fright once she is in the zone!

We celebrated our friend Marin's 4th birthday. It was a precious party with a rainbow/painting theme. Marin's mom (my friend) Jocelyn set up canvas's for all of the girls outside on their fence with paints, brushes and their own canvas to take home. We have Ellison's masterpiece hanging up in our playroom! Happy Birthday Marin!

 All the girls painting at the party...
 Ellison painting :)

We have had play dates play date a bunch of us mommies took all of our kiddos to the theater to see a movie. For just $2.00 you get admission and a box of popcorn/drink/fruit snacks! Elic was free so for Ellison and myself we only paid $4.00 even for everything! It was such a deal especially in the dead heat of summer! It was Elic's first movie experience and he did awesome! Luckily the theater was packed with kiddos of ALL ages so when he did have moments of wanting to screech out loud or get down and run the isles it was fine :)
 Elic's first movie! He got scared when the lights dimmed out but then was fine...
 Ellison with some of her friends that went, Ella and Hattie :)

Elic came to work with me one day while Ellison was at VBS. I went in to help my boss do a few things in preparation of the new school year approaching! I loved this photo...he is just took cute!

One afternoon we had a friend over to play :) Sweet Hadley's mama is preggo with her 3rd baby girl and at the time was due within a couple of weeks (she had the baby several days ago :) Hadley and Ellison and great buddies. They love each other and had SO much fun playing all afternoon. We had lunch, played dress up, had a princess dance party, got ice cream and went to the park. These girls were exhausted when we dropped Hadley off at 5pm!

We have been swimming lots, some with friends and some on our own! We have traveled around town trying out all of the swimming pools or so it seems...
 Hattie, Ellison and Ella
 Elic and Caleb!

Summer is just flying by us! I am forgetting to take pictures like I use to. Now I have become really dependent on using my phone for pictures. Oh well...we have 2 weeks til school starts and the next several weekends are jam packed busy!

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