Friday, July 20, 2012

Centennial Park

Some of our friends had to move (not too far away but from Franklin to Springhill) so I took their girls to play so the moving process would be a little easier. Plus our kiddos are all friends :) I was trying to think of something fun, different and FREE to do on a hot day! Several people recommended going to a Splash Park in Cumberland Park. I had never been or heard of it before. The drive was a bit far, however it was totally worth it. There was lots to do from just walking around, seeing the river, there was play equipment and then of course the splash park! I SO wish Franklin and/or Brentwood had a splash park open in the summer time. It makes so much sense to have one! The kids had a blast, including the little ones. It was a fun summer day!

Playing on the rope course...
Gigantic slide...
The little ones trying to keep up with their big siblings!
Down by the river
Splash park fun!
Ellison and Marin
Elic was totally fascinated

Clara and Elic playing!
There was this cool rain wall with water pouring down from the ceiling
Their faces crack me up, so serious!
Sassy pose of the girls :)

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