Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheekwood Daddy/Daughter Date

A few weeks ago Connor took Ellison out for a daddy/daughter date to Cheekwood to see the Tree house Exhibit! I was a little sad I missed out on going but Elic was in desperate need for a nap and I had lots to do because Connor and I were getting ready to go out of town. They had SO much fun together...I know Connor really enjoys the one on one time with his daughter. It is funny because Ellison acts like a totally different kid when her brother isn't around. I mean don't get me wrong we love the way she is around her brother but I guess we just see her in a different way when it is just her. Connor did a great job and took LOTS of pictures so I wouldn't miss anything :)

This tree house was made out of CD's...
I love this picture!

Self portrait!
Zebra mask...
She spent a lot of time here :) It blows my mind how sand can keep my kiddos occupied for hours!

Going down the slide!

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twilight jewellery said...

Based on my observation daughter's are closer to their father rather than their mother. I can relate on this because me and my father are really close. Because she gave all I want and he didn't get mad at me.