Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 7 California (Disneyland!)

Uncle Googie treated us to a fun filled day at Disneyland! Oh my goodness what a fun time we had...Ellison was way more into it this visit compared to the first we brought her. Surprisingly Elic totally enjoyed himself and was such a trooper. We woke up early so we could get there right when the park opened at 8am and we did not leave till 10:30 that night :) It truly is the happiest place on earth...

 The kids dressed and ready to go...thank you GJ for the cute outfits!

All in all there were 11 adults that went plus the kiddos. We all went in rounds, the first car contained my Uncle, myself, my brother and the kids. As soon as we got there we started hunting down characters because we knew the later it go the larger the crowd! We were in luck and came across Minnie...
 I totally thought Elic would freak out with these characters. He definitely was not in love with them but he would just turn his head away and hold on for life without shedding any tears. I will take it :)
 Uncle GoGo, Googie and Ellison with Goofy

 Uncle GoGo and his babes in front of the castle
 Riding Dumbo!
 Elic loved Dumbo
 At this point Patti, Matt and my mom had showed up! So on the teacups Patti and my mom took the kids while us big kids rode together. We knew our spinning technique would not go over well with Ellison and Elic :) Totally brings out the kid in anyone!
 Elic seeing if anyone is home in Toon Town
 Ellison and her chosen ears
 It's a Small World...all time favorite!
 Elic was mesmerized by Small World
 Mickey Mouse!
 The crew with Mickey :)
 Standing outside Chip N Dale's Treehouse
 This was Ellison's favorite was a rollar coaster in Toon Town, it was so much fun and I can't believe she was brave enough to go on it! She LOVED it!

So one thing I really wanted to do was take Ellison to the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique! I am so glad I did, to be honest I didn't think they would be able to do much because her hair is SO short. However they definitely made her into a princess. She got to pick out a hair piece (the pink one of course :) The place was adorable and the way they treat you was amazing! For the cost it was totally worth it because she walked away with all sorts of goodies (nail polish, brushes, makeup, a cinch sac, jewels, etc) on top of the actual makeover.

 Sitting in her chair ready for some pampering!
 Makeup time!
 Look at her pucker those lips!

 Princess Ellison and GJ

 We ran into Donald Duck :)

My Uncle had yet another suprise...lunch with all of the princesses at Ariel's Grotto! Googie, GJ, GoGo, Matt, myself and the kiddos all went. Ellison was so excited and Elic really enjoyed himself!
 Ellison and Ariel
 Thank you SO much Uncle Googie for such a wonderful surprise!
 Sleeping Beauty
 The princesses were charmed by little stud...he didn't know what to do! Look at his face!
 Cinderella...check out Elic (daddy was proud :)
 This is my favorite!
 Snow White
 Dessert time!
 Elic loved dessert :)
 Group shot at the Grotto!
 Riding more rides...the swings with GJ
 The Ferris Wheel with the boys
 Bubby rode too :)
 Playing around in A Bug's Life

After going non-stop ALL DAY with NO NAPS AT ALL...the kids finally tuckered out around 7pm. They slept in the strollers til 9 then we woke them up for the Fireworks which were amazing. Then they passed right back out. SO Patti and my mom stayed with the kids while the rest of us went on a few more rides...we headed home around 10:30...just before the park started to shut down!
 So tired...

We had such a fun and memorable time, it is the happiest place on earth :)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time we all had. Pictures captured an awesome memory. Love you all! GJ