Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ellison's First Day of PRE-K!!!

The day has come, my oldest baby started Pre-K...I cried. I know it isn't kindergarten just yet but it was hard. I have been working at Walker for 4 years, Ellison has gone since she was 9 months old and every year I look at the Pre-K classes thinking how one day Ellison would be in that class but it always seemed so far away. Well we are already done with week 1 of Pre-K and I know Kindergarten will be here in no time. 

The girl loves it...she loves school, her friends, her teacher Ms. Misty, being right across the hall from me, she and her little group of friends who have gone through all the classes together think they rule the school and I love it! I teach the other Pre-K class so I get to see a lot more of Ellison. Our classes take potty breaks together, go to music and chapel together and play outside together. I was a little nervous about her being close to me with having to obey classroom rules and listening to her teacher (meaning her teacher was responsible for her not mommy). Ellison has been awesome!

I saw this idea off of Pinterest and loved it! I will be doing it every first day of school for the kiddos :)

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