Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to me :)

Connor and I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago by having a date night to go see a movie and went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Wild Ginger (yum!) So on my actual birthday (the 14th) I wasn't expecting anything much. I woke up to birthday cards, a coffee and a little gift from the kids. Ellison picked out bubblegum and a birthday girl button to wear all day :) I got money to shop for some clothes which is always fun...especially since I hosted a Matilda Jane show several days later!

The evening of my birthday my best friend Nikki picked up to take me to dinner. We always try to have a girls dinner every so often so we can catch up with each other since our schedules are so different now. So I just thought this was one of those dinners except its my birthday and it had been months since we had one of our dinner. She acted all cool and relaxed. We weren't on a time crunch. She took me to JJ's Wine Bar in downtown Franklin which I was super excited about. Well we walked in and....SURPRISE!!!
My mom was there and about 4 other girlfriends. Then later on in the night about 3 more friends showed up :) It was such a fun surprise and we all had an absolute blast...we are all mommies so it was a well deserved night away!

 Right after I got dear friends Nicole, Catherine, Nikki, Lori and Annie :)
 Me and my mommy!
And by the end of the night some left and more joined...

Thank you all for coming to celebrate with me and for the super sweet gifts (can't wait for my spa day!) I am one blessed and very lucky girl :)

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