Sunday, August 5, 2012

Williamson County Fair!

So I went out of town to Atlanta for the Thirty One National was awesome and a great learning experience for boosting my business! I was gone for 2 nights. Came home yesterday and we decided to hit up the Williamson County Fair with the kiddos and our friends, The Bell Family! We got there at 5pm and we did not quite to head home til 10pm! The kids were amazing and had so much fun. They all went non-stop til they were strapped in the car and headed home. They ate fair food, rode rides, saw the animals and tried out The Barn (where they have stations for the kids to do activities that relate to farming then at the end for all of their hard work they get paid and can purchase a treat). All in all we had such an awesome time and are so glad to have done it with such a fun family!

 Williamson County Fair!
 Ellison on the tractor
 Elic was in love
 A happy bubby
 Ellison and her sweet friend Hadley loving some corn dogs and sprite :)
 These two were so big riding the swing all by themselves! They were so proud!
 So fun!
 Check these two out, Elic and Ellen Kate...a definite match :)
 Sibling photo!
 Daddies and daughters getting ready to ride the pirate ship!
 On the scary pirate ship!
 Mommies and daughters on the Ferris Wheel!
 We love our girl time :)
 The swings...
 Ellison and mommy on the Ferris Wheel
 The girls were psyched about riding the motorcycles
 That is a face of pure happiness!
 All decked out for the barn experience...
 Elic was so proud carrying around his basket in the barn to collect goodies...
 All the girls minus Maitland the Bell's newest addition
 Brushing Dolly
 Daddy and Elic on the tractor
 Elic gardening
 Group shot of the The Bell and The Ball families...we had such a blast!
And my silly!

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