Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Pajama Time!

Our little friend, Ellen Kate, had her 2nd birthday party last Saturday! The theme was Pancakes and Pajamas. It was SO precious :) It was a gorgeous Fall evening...the kids wore their pajamas and the party had pancakes, doughnut holes, fruit, yummy cupcakes, pancake toppings, a bounce house, trampoline with balloons...anything a kid could ask for! We enjoyed celebrating this sweet girl and are so thankful for her and her family! Happy Birthday Ellen Kate!

 Elic found him some pink lemonade!
 Ellison and Hadley
 The Birthday Girl hanging with Elic :)
 Yummy pancakes!
 I think we will be getting a trampoline in our future...Elic was in love (especially with all the balloons in it)!
 So fun!
 Trying to zoom in on the siblings...are they not adorable!
 Little group photo!
Ellison and Hadley with their little siblings :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ghosts and Ghouls 2012

Last weekend we met up with our dear friends, The Bell Family at the zoo for some Fall/Halloween fun! We have taken Ellison to this event every year since her first Halloween. This will be her 4th year and Elic's 2nd year going. The kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes for the first time this season. We have a pirate and "Bumblebee Girl"!

He is such a tough and mean pirate ;)
Bumblebee Girl and Pirate Elic!

I was going to make both of their costumes but found quite a deal on Ellison's at Target. I made Elic's which was pretty can't see all of his but it turned out cute and the main thing is that it is comfortable!

These two L-O-V-E each other! I seriously have not seen 2 girls this age get along so well...
Spooky carousel ride :)
I am stumped...Elic's first carousel ride was in Disneyland over the summer when we were in California. He absolutely loved it and did not want to get off. For some reason he is terrified of the carousel at the zoo. He wants to get on it but completely freaks out when I try to put him on an animal! He is fine if I get on the animal with him though...
Cuddle bug...
Daddy and his babes :)
Our first Fall/Halloween Family Photo!
Hadley and Ellison
Elic and his sissy
Silly boys!
So we wanted a group photo and this lady was kind enough to offer to take a picture however this was the result of picture #1...HA! The dads did not quite make it in with squirming toddlers but Mary Ellen and I thought it was cute of us and the older girls :)
Attempt #2...a little better but almost lost Connor and Elic is in his own little world :) Sweet Baby Maitland is tucked away in her mama's jacket :)
Waiting in line for the Spooky Lab
These two crack me up...they are like a little old married couple. They follow each other around and Ellen Kate will feed Elic her snacks. It is hilarious! They are barely 3 weeks apart in age!
Bubby loves his treats!
Visiting the grumpy old troll!
The dads with the toddlers...
This was Connor's last picture taken at the age of 31 :) It is a keeper!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Enjoying family...

We had not been to the zoo in awhile so we took the kiddos last Sunday...instead of seeing all of the animals we decided to hang and play in the jungle gym. We were also invited to a client appreciation lunch by our realtor and her company. We had family fun, going down slides, swinging and climbing things. I love being a mom, I love having a family, I love my babies...I LOVE family time!

 My almost 2 year old!
 How precious...

 My girl...

 How did they get so big?!

The great outdoors...

After Ellison's soccer game last Saturday we had nothing planned (for once) so we took the kids to Pinkerton Park in Franklin. There are lots of walking trails that lead through battle grounds and historical marks. We enjoyed wonderful weather and the kids had so much fun playing around with Mother Nature...we love how much fun our babes enjoy being outside!
My big girl...
Sibling love :)
We found a turtle while we were walking...
I love this picture...the kids were singing "The Ants Go Marching"
My almost 2 year old boy!
My Mother Nature herself...the girls loves bugs, dirt, making mud pies and making new friends like turtles!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Playdates and friends...

Last weekend we enjoyed seeing friends, having play dates and having fun! We had an extra day off from school so we loved a long weekend :) We went to Jump Zone, had lunch out with friends, ate dinner at another friend's house, enjoyed the Fall weather, did stuff around the house and had some family time!

Dinner at The Bell House...Hadley and Ellison being cheerleaders :)
Jump Zone with Lucy!
Elic having fun at Jump Zone

Elic and Ellen Kate ready for some yummy dinner...
Playing Candy Land with our pals Ava and Asher!