Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another BUSY Saturday...

Another busy Saturday has come and gone :) I know we will have a lot more of them over the next month or so. Fall is always a busy time for us and our favorite time! This morning we hustled out the door for soccer team photos. It was CHILLY...finally felt like Fall :) The pictures went great, then we had a game. MeMac, GJ and Poppy came to cheer their granddaughter on. Ellison rocked and scored 7 or 8 goals...I can't say it enough, the girl LOVES it and is great at it (not bragging, just being honest). We are so proud of her!

Team photo with her daddy as one of the coach's!
Her individual shot :)
Scoring a goal!

And another one :)
Bubby hanging on the sidelines...
My goodness he is so cute :)
A sweet talk with daddy after the game...he is so proud!
Family photo!
 Cuddling with my girl...

After the soccer game we headed to celebrate a little man's first birthday...Mr. Wilson Myers :) Wilson is the son of our good friends, Katie and John Feilding (John Feilding's family is very dear to Connor, and myself). It was a fun little party and the kiddos had a blast running around.
Wilson telling Ellison to get away from his cake :)

Siblings playing nice :)
Ellison pushing her baby brother in the swing :)

We headed home to put Elic down for nap after the birthday party. Ellison played outside with her daddy and I cleaned. Then we all headed out for dinner in Columbia with Granddaddy and Jen Mama!
Elic cleaning up for Jen Mama...
Ellison and her cousin Lee helping Jen Mama make dessert...such good helpers :)

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