Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Pajama Time!

Our little friend, Ellen Kate, had her 2nd birthday party last Saturday! The theme was Pancakes and Pajamas. It was SO precious :) It was a gorgeous Fall evening...the kids wore their pajamas and the party had pancakes, doughnut holes, fruit, yummy cupcakes, pancake toppings, a bounce house, trampoline with balloons...anything a kid could ask for! We enjoyed celebrating this sweet girl and are so thankful for her and her family! Happy Birthday Ellen Kate!

 Elic found him some pink lemonade!
 Ellison and Hadley
 The Birthday Girl hanging with Elic :)
 Yummy pancakes!
 I think we will be getting a trampoline in our future...Elic was in love (especially with all the balloons in it)!
 So fun!
 Trying to zoom in on the siblings...are they not adorable!
 Little group photo!
Ellison and Hadley with their little siblings :)

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Anonymous said...

2 years old time to se what ellie and hattie like on their birthday, first time so only 2 fingers in the p-ssy for you get you bucking good then I suck on it for you,love making the little ones giggle and feel good