Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's try this...

So I realized part of the reason I don't update my blog as much is because I take so many pictures with my phone now, not my camera. Not that it is a good excuse however I never could keep up with having to plug in my phone and sync the photos to the computer! Now I have downloaded the Blogger let's try this :)I am just going to not worry about posting things from the past and start fresh! Here are a few photos taken from the past week or so...

Loving a trip to Home Depot!
At Ellison's dance class!

 Our dancing diva with her ribbon wand :)

My super silly bubby :)

This is so my girl, wearing her girly color of pink and purple (headband in place) and playing with some dirt!


We LOVE is our favorite time of year and season. While at the Farmer's Market last week there were decorations everywhere which the kids love seeing...

Happy start to Fall Ya'll!!

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