Monday, November 5, 2012

Gentry's Farm! 2012

A couple of Sundays ago we had our annual visit to Gentry's Farm for some Fall fun and pumpkin picking :) Last year when we went, Elic couldn't even walk yet. It is crazy how much changes in a year. He was all over the place and wanted to do everything his sissy was doing :) I think we also chose the hottest day of October to go but I will take pretty weather over rainy cold weather.

Annual picture at Gentry's Farm!
Family photo
My big 4.5 year old!
We love this place...
Must get a picture in front of the sign :)
Tractor riding!
The thing both of the kiddos love most...the wheat and corn tables! Infinite entertainment for them...
So involved...
We always get a measurement...
Playing in the barn
Melt my heart :)
We are hoping the boy gets some trucks and boy toys for his birthday coming up!
Ellison with Mr. Jimmy Gentry himself...last year at Christmas we were at Third Coast Clay painting some pottery and there was a man watching us through the window and sketching something. As we were leaving he came up to us and handed us a pencil sketch of Ellison painting. It was Jimmy Gentry and he had signed it with the year. He is the most humble, compassionate, kind and generous man. So being able to see him again at the Farm was so sweet. He totally remembered us for that day where he drew Ellison. When we saw him at the farm he gave Ellison a pumpkin painting he made, took her thumb and made green prints for the pumpkin stems on the painting. We have framed it with the other sketch of incredibly special and in a way a huge piece of Franklin, history and something to look back on years from now :)
Bubby on the tractors...

Best friends...
Ellison has grown a ton since last year :)

Home with our Gentry Farm pumpkins :)

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