Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkinfest 2012

I am starting to fall a little behind again! Two weekends ago we attended the downtown Franklin annual Pumpkinfest! My goodness we love our town that we live in. Pumpkinfest is by far our FAVORITE festival. After soccer we ran home to eat lunch, warm up (it was freezing outside!) and get the kids costumes on. MeMac came by for a few minutes to say hi :)

 Dressed up and ready to go!

 Pirate and Bumblebee Girl :)

 Quick family shot!

 MeMac with the kiddos...

 Riding on daddy's shoulders...

 He looks SO big to me here :) Argh!

 Ellison and Scarecrow

 Daddy, Ellison and the clan from Wizard of Oz!

 This dude terrified Elic!

 The biggest pumpkin!

 The kiddos excited to head to the carnival with all the kid stuff :)

 Making a bracelet to donate to a Mission's Trip!

 We all know this girl loves her inflatables...

Having so much fun!

It was great walking around, running into friends and people we knew, seeing all the precious and creative costumes and seeing how much fun the kids had :) Can't wait til next year!

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