Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas overview (some of this might be a repeat)!

Over the past few weeks we have done lots of things with the kiddos to celebrate this special season! I didn't do it this year for every day but next year with the advent calendar I made I would like to try and come up with an activity, craft, event, etc. for us to do each day. Here are some of the things we did this Christmas...

First of all shopping for the perfect Christmas tree...
I made snow play doh with the kids which was a huge hit! We will for sure do this every year :)

 I am not the craftiness mommy but this was so easy and fun...

 Little Elic's hands hard at work...

Then daddy got a hold of some play doh and this is what he did of course :)

I think this was in a previous post but we attended the Franklin Christmas Parade with friends!

Mommy had her work Christmas Party...I love these ladies!

Ellison was invited to the cutest little Christmas Party at her friends house...they made reindeer food, decorated cookies, read Christmas stories and painted these precious stocking burlap door hangers! 
 Decorating cookies...

 Listening to Christmas books...
Her sweet friends at the party!

The kids had their school Christmas program the last day of school before Christmas break started!
 Ellison singing Away in a Manger!

 So I knew Ellison would rock during the program but was unsure about Elic. Especially with family in the audience and of course seeing me I thought he would immediately want to go to one of us! Well I was so wrong. This little man sat up on stage with his class and sang his little heart out. He did all of the hand motions for the songs, played the drum and shook the jingle bells!

The kids had class parties which are always fun...
 Ellison and her teacher Ms. Misty
 Elic with his Ms. Kris
 Elic and Ms. Lori

These next two pictures seriously make me want to cry...
 Lucy and Ellison have been together in the exact same class since they were babies...they will go their separate in the Fall :(
 These four (which should be five, Hattie is missing) have been together since the toddler room. All of their mommies are teachers at Walker and have been for several years. These girls seriously rule Walker WEE Care. Not one of them will be together next year once Kindergarten starts :(

We attended the Leipers Fork Christmas Parade which was an absolute RIOT! A parade could not get any country-er or more redneck, we loved it!
Parade time!

A few other things we did...
Connor, Ellison and I volunteered through our church at The Manger. What a memorable event that we did together to help others. I know it may have been a little young for Ellison to be there but she was a trooper. We helped families that were evaluated through Graceworks Ministries in "shopping" for the families Christmas. The families we met were inspiring and really puts in perspective how thankful we need to be for what we are provided with. Afterwards when people/family asked Ellison what she did her response was "we helped families get things for the children and selves that don't have as much as we have." Which is a good enough response for me to know she gets it a little bit. We were so proud of her and will definitely continue to do this every year. Eventually Elic will join us!
My girl ready to volunteer!

Of course we have had several family movie nights watching Christmas classics like The Grinch, Polar Express, etc. We looked at Christmas lights, attended a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church. I took the kids to see the Live Nativity at our church as well. We had a fun pajama night with friends...
The last thing we did was shop for our angels from the angel tree and took toys to the Fire Station to donate. We do this every year with the kids and let them pick out a few things for kids their ages. Ellison knew exactly what to get her "friend" and Elic was excited with what we helped him pick out. We took the items to the Fire Station down the street from our house. They were so appreciative, the kids also got to tour the station, climb on the truck and of course got some pretty cool hats and coloring books!
 Shopping for the "angels" I mean how cute are they?!
 At the Fire Station dropping off our toys!
 Ellison checking out the fire truck!
Daddy and the kiddos at The Fire Station!

Next posts are our Christmas celebrations!

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