Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ellison's first dance recital...

On the night of her actual performance, lots of fans came to watch :) My mom had to go out of town so we were thankful she could make it to the dress rehearsal the night before. Ellison once again did amazing! She hung back stage for several hours with her class, volunteer moms and Rec staff. The Rec Center did a wonderful job with keeping 60+ kid well entertained and occupied for that long with parents being back there.

Back stage with my girl before the show started!

Ellison loves to dance and she knew every single step in her performance! Not bragging or anything :) It is always interesting at her age to see what the reaction is once on stage. Well she didn't miss a beat or hesitate. She put on her biggest smile, gave a little wave and danced her heart out in front 500 guests!

After the performance I went back stage to grab her and took her out to see her visitors...
Uncle Danny and Aunt Sarah
Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather

And her #1 fan...DADDY! He was so proud of her!
My sweet precious girl, getting so big!

She was so excited to get flowers from everyone!
A pose on stage!

Love her to pieces...
We can't wait to start dance back up in January!!

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