Friday, March 15, 2013

Dancing Queen

Back at the end of January, Ellison started back up with her dance classes. We absolutely love taking dance at the Rec Center. It is SO cheap and she has learned more there than she did other places that cost double the amount. This semester we are doing ballet AND tap :) Tap was always my favorite growing up so I am excited to see what she thinks about it. They have parent demonstrations every month and her recital will be in May. She will have 2 performances this time :) She loves dance and has a few sweet friends in her class this time as well. We will get her signed up for the summer camp and continue on through the school year!
My sweet ballerina...
Showing some moves...(I sadly have forgotten all of the terms but Ellison can tell you the correct name for all of them!)
Love her...

We have had CRAZY weather around here during this winter season. There were several days in January that were so pleasant we took the kiddos to Pinkerton to play after church.

This little man is ALL boy!

We took a walk on a trail and came across this...we thought it was a cute photo op :)

It is finally getting a little easier to take a picture of them together. Elic likes to "cheese" but I have to be ready because he won't stand still for long.

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