Friday, March 22, 2013

Right around Valentine's Day I was eager for a little bit of change :) I needed a haircut! My hubs loves my hair short, I have mixed thoughts about my hair being short. However, I LOVE my hairdresser and he NEVER has disappointed me. So I walked in the Studio Gaven, excited to tell Jess that I wanted to go short and let him take it from there. Luckily he poured me a glass of vino to help my nerves :) The next thing...well you can see in the first picture below!

 After that there was NO turning took about 2 hours to cut. Everyone in the salon kept watching, walking by, even some of the other hairdressers stopped to "observe" Jess and his work. I was so nervous but once he showed me the final product I seriously could not have loved it more. He did an amazing job! Everyone complimented him and myself. I just kept hearing "you totally pull it off" it looks so stylish and great for you. I was relieved :) 

 I got home and of course the first thing my truthful daughter says to me is "mommy you look silly!" As much as I wanted to burst into tears I didn't...gotta love their honesty. Connor loved it and was in shock that I went that short. Elic of course didn't care. He just kept saying "mommy's hair!" 
At first I was scared to death to wash it or try to style it on my own. However now I am totally comfortable with it. I think I will be keeping it this short through the summer. It will be a hard cut to grow out whenever I decide to do that but for now I am loving my style :) Thank you Jess!


 We had a fun Valentine's celebration! I did "14 days of Valentines" for Connor starting on February 1st. I was worried about coming up with things he would enjoy but once I brainstormed it was so much fun to do. I just left one thing each day for him (always in a different place and different time of day). I tried to take into account things he enjoyed like a favorite dessert, favorite candy (hot tamales), drink (vanilla coke), gift card to his favorite coffee or breakfast place, etc. I would leave a note with the item as well. Some notes were silly and some more sweet. Maybe it will become a Valentine's tradition :)

The kids had class parties at school so that meant we had boxes to make for the Valentine exchange, Valentine's to make and treats for the party!

 I love doing stuff like this with and for my kiddos...I hope that when Ellison starts Kindergarten in the fall that I can volunteer to help with parties, etc.

 On the morning of Valentine's Day, Connor did ask Ellison who her Valentine was (thinking she would immediately say him. Well he almost stopped dead in his tracks when her response was "first Cillian then you daddy..." Sweet Cillian is a boy in my class (which my class and Ellison's class combine many times, play outside together, etc.) He is PRECIOUS and I love his family! She picked a good one but Connor of course does not approve :)

They both always ask for each other during the day, Cillian made the sweetest little homemade birthday card for Ellison and gave it to her at school in front of all their little friends. We have been to Cillian's house a couple of times. He picks her flowers and shows off with his brother. It is hilarious and I think Ellison officially has her first crush :)

Anyways, the Valentine parties were super fun! Lots of treats, hugs and sugar! Here are a couple of pictures of Ellison with her friends. Love these sweet girls...

And let's not forget about my little Valentine...the cutest little boy on the planet in my opinion :) I am a lucky girl, he is all mine!

And my two sillies wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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