Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SNOW much FUN!

Well we can say we got our snow for the came, it was beautiful, it was fun and the best thing is it melted away quickly! I do love snow but once we get it I am good til the next year. We woke up to it on a Saturday morning back towards the end of January. Ellison was SO excited and Elic wasn't totally sure what to think. We never got a big enough snow to play in last year and the year before that he was literally 2 months old so we technically counted this snow being his first real experience. 

Sissy and bubby ready for some sledding!
Daddy taking bubby down...
Here come the dynamic duo!
Love these three people!
My lil dino making some tracks in the snow!
Snow angels...
Daddy and daughter...
Mama jumped into a few photos...somehow I am usually left out :)
Having a cold moment...not snow much fun with the snow gets under your clothes!
Snow love birds :)

I love the view all around our house after it snows...its so peaceful, white and you feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere! Here is the view looking out from our side patio to the back of the house.
This is a picture from our front porch looking out towards the main road...

Daddy pulling a load...

The kids would have sled ALL day. We are thankful for our next door neighbors who have a couple of hills we could borrow for some sledding fun :)
Ellison did manage to make a mini Frosty the Snowman!

Here is a little photo grid showing our SNOW MUCH FUN DAY!


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