Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tutu and Tea Party!

Oh Ellison's sweet 5th birthday party...the theme was Tutus and Tea Party! All of her friends were asked to wear their favorite tutu to the party. Every year we have celebrated Ellison's birthday different places (except home). We have done a gymnastics party, Jump Zone, a play place and this year I was thinking we would do the same thing. However I asked Ellison what she wanted (the 5th birthday is a pretty big deal) and she said she wanted a girly tea party at our house. So I suggested the "tutu" part and she loved the idea. I have to admit it was absolutely precious and truly perfect! 

I prepped for a good month trying to buy things over a period time and made a lot of things on my own. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Etsy. Once I found the template for the invites, banners, toppers, etc. it all fell into place. The colors just so happened to match a ton of tea cups and serving ware that I already had. I borrowed stuff from several friends. Honestly the most expensive thing were the goody bags which you will see further below. However they really were so reasonable and I could not resist getting them!! You will see why ;) 

We invited all girls from her Pre-K class and my Pre-K class, I know I have mentioned this before but these girls have been together for 3+ years at school. The sweetest friends a little girl could ask for and precious mommies (and families) that I have become great friends with. We also had a couple of dear friends that don't go to school with Ellison but are just as special to us! I think we had a total 13 girls that came out of 16! The weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T it honestly was the first beautiful and "spring" day that we had seen around here and for the whole week before, rain was predicted but the rain didn't show til hours after the party ended. We were so blessed!

So here we go...


 How cute is this table skirt? Thank you Mary Ellen!

 Place settings...

 I love how perfect the settings and tables all laid out!

 A picture from the other end, I had tutus hanging up in case girls wanted to try different ones on. My sweet exhausted husband which I owe a HUGE thank you to for putting up with my instructions, stress and doing tons of prep work outside!

 This was the goody bag "Thank You" table!
 Each girl had a personalized bag with "Alice and her tea cup". How cute are they? I seriously could not resist.

 Each girl also got a precious personalized tutu cookie...thank you so our Jen Mama! They were perfect :)

Mommy and her 5 year old!
Ellison and Lucy Lou (these two have been in the same class ever since they were 9 months old)!

 Marin, Alex, Ellison and Molly Moo

 Daddy and Little Vera

 Ellison and Sweet Hadley

 One of my sweetest dear friends, Lori (crazy baby lady!)

 A tea toast for the birthday girl! So cute :)

She is so big and looks like a 5 year old!

Little brother checking himself out...

We are so thankful for this girl...

Fun on the bounce house...Alex, Ellison, Marin, Caitlin and Molly!

Mr. Connor getting crafty with the girls, they love him :)

Daddy and his girl

He will do anything for his daughter!

Making tiaras...

 Cupcake time!

 Make a wish sweet Ellison...

 Bubby chowing down on the sweet stuff...

 I love this group photo...friends forever for sure!

 Silly pose!

 Lucy, Alex and Ellison

 Oh Hattie Lou, how we love you and your family!

 Marin, Ellison and Alex!

Thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate Ellison's special day and know we love you all, we are blessed to have you each in our lives!! XOXO