Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trying to make a come back!

I was highly considering to let my blog go but I am not! I reminded myself that this serves as a "scrapbook" for my kids so I can't give up! Since I have been MIA for a solid several months, instead of stressing on getting tons of posts up from what has happened in the past, I have decided to just post a bunch of pictures in one post and starting today I will keep up on a more daily or weekly basis! SO here we go...

The month of April...

 Easter Story and songs at the kids' school!
 Dinner with The Gore's at our house...
 Easter at Cheekwood
 Ellen Kate and Elic waiting for the egg hunt to start.
 All of the kiddos
 Love these two sillies
 Um...no caption needed
 The will be together forever
 Easter at my parents house
 We clean up nice!
 Love this picture...
 The kiddos with MeMac
 Ellison being a soccer star!
 Elic at our school's egg hunt...
 Ellison finding some treats!
 Ellison and her best buddy Hattie
 Elic and his best buddy Caleb
 Elic was in heaven holding Ollie
 Ellison and Ollie
 Trying out a banjo...this made daddy proud
 Ellison and Hadley
 Family photo
 Elic really knows how to impress the ladies...
 Cheese face while dying eggs...
 The Easter Bunny came!
 Easter morning
 Brother/Sister love
 Family photo on Easter morning
 My family and a silly face!
Blessed :)

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